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General Information:

OzBoots can only sell videos in PAL format. This format is the standard in Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe. In the US/Canada, your VCR may only play NTSC format and not PAL. Please check this before ordering. OzBoots will not refund items for this reason.
OzBoots, however, will gladly refund/exchange items that are defective.
OzBoots use 74 and 80 minute TDK CDRs for CDR orders.

Quality: Ozboots gives it's CDRs ratings according to the sound quality. These ratings are the opinion of OzBoots only and are only to be used as a guide. Ozboots will not not refund discs for reasons such as "i didn't like the sound quality". OzBoots, however, will gladly resend/exchange a disc that is found to be defective...

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