Why pay large sums of money for sub-standard quality bootlegs at dodgy cd-stalls, or risk being ripped off on eBay?
OzBoots has a larger range of bootlegs at lower prices, your satisfaction guaranteed...


*** All prices are listed in Australian Dollars ***


1-5 Cdrs - $6 each + $5 postage
5-15 Cdrs - $5 each + free postage!
15+ Cdrs - $4 each, free postage!

Note: Shows with a length less than 79 minutes can fit on 1 CDR, shows 80 minutes or more will require 2 CDRs

Videos (PAL):

OzBoots can fill up a video tape with your choice of shows... videos are packaged in plastic cases and come with basic show/setlist information. All videos are in PAL format!

180 min video - $15 each
240 min video - $20 each
300 min video - $25 each

1-6 Videos - $10 postage
7+ Videos - free postage!

Payment Information:

Payment can be accepted in the following ways:
Within Australia: Direct Deposit (recommended), Cash, Money Order
Outside Australia: Paypal (recommended), Cash ($US or $AU)

If you choose to send cash, it is recommended that you send registered mail, to avoid the chance of your money getting lost in the post.

Paypal orders can be accepted, using a currency converter to convert the $AUD to the $USD

With all orders please enclose a clear copy of your order along with your name & address.

Postage Information:

When we receive an order, it will be shipped out within 2-3 days.
All orders are sent via standard airmail. Packages usually take 2-3 mailing days to arrive within Australia, 4-5 mailing days to arrive in New Zealand or 8-10 days to arrive elsewhere overseas.